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Baby Shower

Every couple even the family is excited when a new member is coming to a family, whether its a boy or girl, everyone is excited and eagerly waited for the god gift which comes to join the family, every person is looking for celebrating this moment. Every person of the family wants to give their blessing to the mother and they gathered together in a function to give the blessing and this holy function is called Baby Shower(Godh Bharai). In India, the Baby shower is celebrated in a royal way. It is a huge celebration for the couple. In Godh Bharai every part of the home is decorated in a nice way, which gives a positive vibration for each member. Sometimes Baby Shower is celebrated outside as in hotels or banquet halls. We as parties and props organize this event in a unique way, where the couple or family members of the baby can choose and customize the way how to celebrate the event. we have lots of choices and the best option available for a baby shower which is suitable for every person.

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